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Complaints procedure

Complaints procedure

Within our practice we are always working to improve the quality of our work. Our specialists, practitioners, all assistants and employees work carefully, but we may still make treatment or approach errors. Sometimes we make mistakes without noticing it ourselves. We would like to know that. We have set up a complaints procedure for this.

Problems are there to be solved and complaints must be taken seriously. This way we can guarantee a good relationship between healthcare provider and patient. By sharing your experience with us, we can take measures within our organization.

The way management works

Your complaint will first be discussed and handled internally. If we cannot reach a thorough solution to everyone's satisfaction, you can then submit your complaint externally. Your complaint must always be submitted in writing.

The Procedure for processing a complaint:

  1. Are you not satisfied? Don't worry about it, talk to us about it! Then we try to find a solution together. It is best to contact reception in advance. We will then try to resolve the complaint internally.
  2. If your complaint has not yet been resolved, you can submit your complaint to the dental care umbrella organization KNMT, the professional association to which our practice is affiliated. An independent complaints officer will then mediate between you and us free of charge, with the aim of finding a solution.
  3. If, despite the help of the complaints officer, you are unable to resolve the matter, you can appeal to the Oral Care Disputes Body for €75. Your complaint will then be assessed by a committee of five experts. The dispute resolution body will give a binding decision as to whether your complaint is well-founded and, if the complaint is well-founded, may award compensation up to a maximum of twenty-five thousand euros.

If you wish, you can request our extensive complaints procedure at our desk.

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