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We are a general practice where everyone is welcome. 

Our treatments

The emphasis is on lifelong guidance of our patients in keeping their mouth healthy. To achieve this, prevention is an important means. That is why we use both prevention assistants and dental hygienists. It is a utopia, but we would actually not like to see any more gaps in practice.

If it is necessary to proceed with treatment, sometimes preventive, sometimes restorative or sometimes phasing out, we will in principle carry out all treatments ourselves. This is convenient for you, because then you always stay at the same address.

However, if your specific problem requires more attention or specialization, we have a large network to assist you with this. Because we retain control, you can be sure that everything will run smoothly.

Below are the treatments that we perform in our dental practice.

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If you would like more information, please contact us www.allesoverhetgebit.nl find extensive information about the various treatments that dentists can perform, information about oral health and various tips for maintaining a healthy mouth. In short, everything about teeth is accurately written down here and kept up to date. Is your question not listed? Please feel free Contact with us.