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Personal dentistry at a high level.

Welcome to Laugeman Dental Practice. Our mission is to ensure that your teeth remain healthy throughout your life. Prevention is our top priority, to prevent damage to your teeth, molars and gums. Our team of dental hygienists, prevention assistants, dentists and dental assistants are ready to help you.

We offer a total package of dental care, suitable for the whole family and every budget. Our dental practice specializes in gum problems and we also have a specialized pediatric dentist.

Welcome to Laugeman Dental Practice, where our priority is your healthy smile.

Leading the way for years

Dental practice  Laugeman opened its doors on October 28, 1977 and has specialized in the treatment of periodontitis since 1981. In addition to this specialization, we also offer high-quality general dental care and we have various specializations in-house to offer you the best dental care.

Our team consists of three dentists, one dental hygienist, three prevention assistants and four dental assistants. In addition, we regularly have an intern who is training to become a dental assistant and shadows in the practice.

At Laugeman Dental Practice you are assured of professional dental care and an experienced team that focuses on your health and comfort.

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In our practice room we strive to make you feel at ease and provide a pleasant and safe environment. To achieve this, we provide you with clear explanations about your dental care, involve you as much as possible in our treatments and make clear follow-up appointments with you. We pay extra attention to children. We take plenty of time to practice the tooth brushing technique with your child (Simply Cool prevention method) and examine your child's teeth in a calm and relaxed manner. In addition, your child can choose a small gift at the end of the consultation.